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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Shopping

Floral skirt with elastic waist band. Don't you love how sweet this skirt look on plain top? RM35

Stylish tube romper that you can wear casually anywhere. Just slip on this suit, add some acessories and you are ready to hang out with your friends. RM38

Just look at the bright colors! Wish to be the centre of attention? Wear this gorgeous dress and you'll be an eye catcher. The design of this dress also not bad, it has ruffles on the chest and sleeves and sash for the perfect fit. RM39

Another tendy suit to wear to the office. Love the soft chiffon ruffles, love the skirt with white piping even more. Perfect officewear! RM49

Belts..belts..belts..i love all of it coz they are one of a kind and stylish too! Your plain outfits will never be boring with this belt. Check out the belt's price at I-Material.

Colorful shirts with simple ribbons motif. Aren't they lovely? RM26

Tier colored dress that reminds me of lollipop!! Cheer your day with this fun colors dress. Other fun colors available as well, go check it out. Price has been slashed to RM18, cheap!

A dress with skirt that so electrifying ! Love the striking colors and print, definitely an attention grabber! RM50

Another clincher with studs.Love it how the studs aligned, classy! RM30

Eyelet top with interesting lining. So casual and pretty.Suppose it is very cooling to wear also. Good news, price been slashed to RM28

Floral maxi dress..ahh,i always love floral on dresses! So romantic and sweet. RM55

I know valentine's day is over but this couple chain is still a good gift for every couple right? So interesting and pretty, your love one will absolutely love it! RM15 each (plus postage)

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