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Saturday, May 9, 2009


What’s this all about? It’s called “recycled fashion”, and it’s becoming necessary as well as popular. Recycled fashion however, isn’t entirely a result of abstract creativity like the ones mentioned above. Everytime we throws our clothing and it has become part of our household waste. They end up in landfills and most don’t decompose.

Recycled fashion can be fun and economical. If you’re not one to wear a recycled paper dress, enjoy recycled fashion by shopping from second-hand stores and charity shops. Here are some pictures of stuff made from trash or some old stuff, aren't they marvelous? So start to be creative now and create your fashion by using recycled items!

made from colorful magazine sheets

made from juice drink pouches

made from thrifted & scavenged T-shirts

made from colorful neck ties

made from recycled paper

made from old car plate

made from recycled papers

made from candy wrappers

made from newspapers

made from cans, bottle tops and cardboard boxes

made from aliminium cans

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