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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Corset with lace trimmings..sexxayy!! Corset is a perfect piece to wear with your favourite jacket or cardi. For those who love the flaunt your body, just wear this alone to release the sexy vibe. RM50

Drawstring bag with weaved design, how nice! Love it so much..and it looks grand too! Hurry buy yours now coz only 3 pieces available! RM55

Denim leggings with different kind of design. We see lots of creative printed legging lately huh? But still, this one has an interesting print, completes with printed pockets and buttons. Trick others by wearing this, they won't realize it is legging! RM15

The colors and print are amazingly gorgeous..it looks expensive,like what some designer brand would produce. Made from quality material and even has under bust wire for that perfect support. Oh,and two side pockets as well..superb!! RM48

If you are an avid reader of my review, you might notice that i have a soft spot of bright and fun colors. Just look at these fun color shoes, don't you love it? The bows perfected it! RM89

One of a kind feathers headband. A very dramatic touch for a headband. It certainly will complement your beautiful features! RM25 each

WOW!! don't you love the striking colors?? I never see legging soooo strikingly gorgeous as this..except on the runway ofcourse! Dare to walk with this legging..come on! RM30 each

Gorgeous wedges ! Satin interrior (comfy!), elastic straps (flexible!), super light (convenient!) and weaved design (perfect!). Don't you just want to wear it now already?? RM60

Another quilt bag? Well, this one is different design..just look at it, isn't it pretty? Available in White and Pink as well. RM55

Pretty summer top to be worn under the hot sun. Top like this i would wear it anywhere, hot sun or not! RM15

Don't you love long shirt that covers all the way to your bottom? I like!! Especially if it comes in colors and design as pretty as this piece. Grab now for only RM32

Well made polka dot dress with fun pleated ruffles on the chest. I always love polka dots coz it makes any outfit look fun. For those who don't like polka dots, fret not coz this dress comes in stripes too, go check it out! RM50

A dress with pastel colors floral print. Love the sweet colors, it complements the simple dress.FYI, it has tie back sash for the perfect fit.RM45 (plus postage)

Candy colored long sleeves shirt with small dots spread all over it. Definitely an eye catcher! RM22, yayy cheap!

What not to love about this tube dress? The color are strikingly wonderful, the dress are smashingly gorgeous, it has tie back sash to fits you and even side pockets! What i heart the most is the color and print..nice! Other colors Orange and Blue are available as well.RM42

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