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Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Shopping

This unique bag is actually folded y'know! Stylishly folded so that it is more convenient to carry around. A bag that can do tricks and trendy like this is rare and must haves! RM75

Eclectic Cut impressed us with another unique stuff. Look at this rockin accessories, aren't they cool? They are electric guitar pins , turntable decks ring and necklace from Melbourne. All are for sale for RM19 each..cheap mannn!

I was smiling all the way when i stumbled upon this tee..don't you girls? This tee definitely will gives a memorable impression to anyone who wears it. Dare to wear it?? RM19 each

Long tee with fierce leopard print.Animal print never fails to attract me, especially if it is on shirt which i can wear anywhere anyhow..Rawwrr! RM40

OMG! Adore all those kitschy print tee! A cute tee that makes you go POP!! *lol* RM19 wayy cheap!!

Wow..stripy kimono dress! Bored of ordinary kimono? Take this trendy stripy kimino for a change.RM30

You really thought that you had enough of legging huh? Not yet if you see this legging with prints and scribble. Cool huh? For legging lovers out there, add this one into your collection! RM39

Vintage like clincher with interesting weaved buckle. One word,classic! RM24

Simple white tee with cute cartoon print.I love everything cartoon,it's fun..just like this tee! RM25

Every lady need to has one basic outfit in her closet. Add this simple plain dress, which is good enough to wear anywhere and any occasions. The trick is to accessorized it the best you can. Choice of colors available are black, red, purple, turquoise. RM46

Stylish long hooded cardi with large button and slit back. I like this cardi cause it is not like any ordinary cardi coz it has a nice cutting and made from comfy soft material. If you don't like bright color, it's available in Grey too..RM49 each.

How about some ruffles and cute polka dots to brightens your day? Adore all of it! Soo funky and trendy, i wish i can have it all! RM38 each.

Another adorable stuff brought by Sleek Sisters from abroad. Bow headbands in bright colors and cute dots. You certainly need this girls, who can resist cute stuff especially if it is as cheap as RM9 each!!

Lush Serendipity
Strapless dress with a hint of plaid on the chest. A simple dress beautifuly made. Available in Black and Grey. RM38

I think this dress is what Serena from Gossip Girl would wear. Very trendy design and the shimmery gold color..marvelous! RM60

Ultimate Dazzle
Simple striped bag to carry all your books to college. Bag so versatile and spacious like this, is every student must haves. RM25


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