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Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Special

Mother's day is coming soon on this Sunday 10th May, have you got any presents for your beloved mom yet? It is still not too late dear. Maybe you can plan for a special lunch or dinner at an exclusive restaurant? Or let your mom rest for a day and you and siblings handle the house chores for a change? Any gifts that you may plan to give, i guarantee that your mother will appreciates it no matter what. For those who still searching for the perfect gift, here are some ideas and places to shop. Lastly, for all mothers out there Happy Mother's Day..may you are celebrated with love and happiness from your love ones.

Pampered your mother with sweet scents. After a long day taking care of house chores, a spray of perfumes would make her day. Shop at Perfect Scent to buy a perfect perfume for the perfect lady in your life.

An authentic Coach tote handbag in sweet lavender color. This bag is lovely and very spacious, a perfect gift for your stylish mom. Sure she will appreciates a gift of Coach bag, i would too!

A beautiful mug set with english rose motifs. Your mom will heart this mug coz it's perfect for decorations as well as to be filled with her favourite coffee. Psst..the box is beautiful too! Only RM23 per set.

How about some accessories? At Choobs they sell variety of accessories, you can choose whatever designs and all of it are beautifuly made. Look at all these gorgeous bracelet, i can guarantee that your mom would appreciates a nice bracelet as gift.

Thise one specially for hijab wearing mothers. You can choose a wide section of hijabs and some even handsewn by the owner, it is unique piece which you can't find in other places. Mom would be smiling away wearing this pretty hijab.

Little Dress Room
Pretty earring to complement your mother's beautiful face. No matter what age your mother is, she will never has enough earring to add into her collection.Only RM10 each.

Why not send a bouquet of flowers to show your appreciation for the marvelous job she did raising you to be what you are today. Flowers will always brightens her day. 

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