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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Style Watch - Kate Moss

Kate Moss is no stranger in the fashion world, in fact she's been a fashion icon for as long as i can remember. This lady was born with style on her blood. She sure knows how to put the pieces together to create an incredibly chic yet edgy street look. I found her style to be the most innovative and never out of style. Well, we  certainly are not all Miss Moss..to master her style i believe you got to have a big personality and confidence but if you do have a slim and a long leg would helps too! 

A simple long sleeve shirt and denim shorts would be too boring, but to pair it with wide studded belt and fringed high boots..cool! 

 As if of wearing i heart my mom shirt wasn't enough, her daughter wears a i heart kate moss shirt. How sweet! If i have a cool mom that rocks her outfits even to walk on the street with me, i wouldn't mind wearing a shirt saying i love her too! Love the coin necklace Kate was  wearing!

Kate look like a mafia boss with this outfits. A trendy mafia boss ofcourse! Love how she adds the olive green sash and tied it around her neck. And the fedora hat, completes the whole look!

1 comment:

  1. Lila Grace already has the swagger of a fashionista! I'm currently drafting a post about Miss Moss... I'll be posting it soon. If you have time check out skinnybado@blogspot! ;> advertising! thanks for the post!