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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Shopping

Classique Closette

Floral skirt with a hint of pastel color, worn best with a plain shirt. With just a skirt like this, you can look both sweet and sexy. Priced at RM39

Piper Lips

Clutch that looks like an envelope, now how cool is that! The shiny metal color stripes add glam to it. This is one attention grabber clutch. Grab yours at RM30!

This time Miss Lyana brings us a beautiful collections from Australia. All of them are gorgeous, i wish i can feature all of it. But i pick the one i love best, which is the RM50 red tartan dress..just because the bright color grabbed my attention. If you like this piece, please visit her blogshop..there are lots more available for you to drool.

The Ugly Duckling

Colorful loose fitting shirt by The Ugly Duckling. I love the colors, so cheerful! Most of The Ugly Duckling stuff are sold out in a blink (as usual!) but this one of a kind shirt still available for grab..too bad not my size or it will be sold out as well..still up for grab at RM45.

Purple Peppermint

Not sure which one i like more..the clothes or the pics! Both are so eye catching, it makes me wanna wear those clothes too so that i can be as fun as the girl on the pic. Black & white stripes with a lil' hint of colors, going for RM55.

A Bunch of Wild Flowers

Elegant tube top from satin material and velvet details. Other colors available for you to choose.Gorgeous piece as this doesn't come very often. It's yours at RM42

Midnight Carnivale

Add another gorgeous clincher to your collection. If you already have the butterfly, flowers or bows clincher, now add another one, leafs! Only RM25 and it's yours.

Elegant Extravaganza

Mmmmuuahh..a shirt that demands for your kiss *lol* Cool shirt for RM25

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