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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Shopping

The Ugly Duckling Closet
Clockwise from left:
RM52 | RM42 | RM52 | RM45 | RM59 | RM52

Black Milk Project
Clockwise from left:
RM25 | RM39 | RM37

Dr. Pizzicato
Block colored bag with double studded flap: RM59
Oblong shaped studded bag :RM69

Clockwise from left:
RM50 | RM55 | RM50 | RM55

JC Wardrobe
Clockwise from left:
RM50 | RM45 | RM44 | RM46

Bella Lolita
Clockwise from left:
RM45 | RM45 | RM53 | RM55

Dress 2 Dazzle
Sling bag :RM39
Ruffle bib sleeveless top :RM36

More More Clothes
Collared long sleeve top
Colors available: Red, Black

Spring Fairy
Loang over-coat :RM49
Rose zipper top :RM49

Poppy Mallow
RM38 | RM32
3D flower tank top :RM36

The Pink Hat
Clockwise from top:
RM54 | RM39 | RM54 | RM34

Nanano Boutique
Skull studded bag
Colors available: Dark blue, Grey, Brown

Ladies Fashion
Embellished bib dress

Chic Belle
Abstract print dress :RM41
Shorts with pleated pocket :RM29

The Shoplifters
Clockwise from top:
RM55 | RM39 | RM85 | RM75

Little Maketto
Teddy bear necklace :RM30
Teddy bear earrings :RM25, RM20
Bow headband with teddy bear logo :RM25

Paper Doll Dresses
Floral dress :RM29
Maxi dress :RM36

House of Allure
Studded tote
Colors available: White, Dark turquoise, Pink, Light grey, Black

House of Allure
Suede bag with studded Union Jack
Colors available: Black, Dark blue, Grey, Camel

A Season of Summer
Lace rompers :RM50
Polka dot dress :RM36
Pleated clutch :RM35

Daily Boutique
Asymmetrical dual-toned jumpsuit

Clockwise from left:
RM47 | RM58 | RM48 | RM50 | RM46 | RM45

Clockwise from left:
RM46 | RM39 | RM50 | RM55 | RM46 | RM39

The Poplook
Clockwise from left:
RM64 | RM59 | RM66 | RM59

Snow Blossom Boutique
Brooch :RM27
Braided necklace :RM39

Motte Closet
Clockwise from left:
RM50 | RM50 | RM50 | RM45 | RM40 | RM70

Sugar Jude
Clockwise from left:
RM55 | RM50 | RM45 | RM37 |RM60 | RM45

Cat In The Bowl
Halter neck mesh dress
Colors available: Black, Blue

Blissfully Beautiful
Clockwise from left:
RM62 | RM62 | RM58 | RM55

Dandelion's Kisses
From top to bottom:
RM55 | RM48 | RM48

The Posh Closet
Fringe toga top with sequins :RM56
Ombre fringe bib tank top :RM42

Studded bodycon dress with single lace sleeve
Colors available: Black, White, Blue

The October
Zipper babydoll top

Store Loo Liwun
Plaid tube dress with studs :RM39
Origami satin dress :RM40

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