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Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Shopping

My Thrift Shop
Pre-order shoes
From top to bottom:
RM88 | RM93 | RM75

Oozora Tang
Bangles :
RM38 | RM40

Beutti Beez
Tube dress
RM22 | RM28

A Model Studio
Clockwise from left:
RM39 | RM50 | RM52 | RM44 | RM36 | RM36

From top to bottom:
RM70 | RM45 | RM50

Little White Crane
Chained dual-toned dress

Vivace Cabin
Sequined leggings :RM33
Denim skinnies :RM60
Ripped denim leggings :RM38

The Route 60
Vintage dress
RM50 | RM39 | RM39 | RM39

Alphabet Closet
Lace tube dress with satin lining
Colors available: Grey, Red

Vintage Pod
Clockwise from left:
RM50 | RM55 | RM35 | RM35 | RM35 | RM45

Kitschy embroidered blouse :RM42
Heart print blouse with big bow :RM35

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