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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Shopping

I know that Obama are not so relevant to our politics but still, this tee is an eye-catcher! RM30

Sailor inspired shirt. Stripey, lacey, ribbons and puffy sleeves, cuteness!! Available in Pink, Black, Blue and Purple. RM39

Kitschy checkered bow belt like none other. Cute & trendy! RM25

Vintage weaved belt so classic you can match it with any outfit. RM27

Studded vest, now how cool is that! Wish i can get a better look at the vest, not sure about the material but i can be sure that the vest rawks! Oh, the sequinned bag is for sale too. Go check it out! Vest=RM45, Bag=RM30

Freshly imported from Melbourne,hence the price tag. But this piece here is worth spending cause of it's gorgeous detailings. I always fond of dress that has detailed tailoring, it add class and some personal touch to the piece. RM99

Fun geometric print dress with a puffy sleeves, how nice! It is pre-owned girls, a gorgerous dress like this, who cares right! Moreover it's cheap! RM28

Wah..i was literally drooling over all this gogeous necklaces! All so nice and glittery, you'll find it hard to choose your favourite..am i right? For close up picture of the pendants and price, go check it out at Style Influx, quick!

Classis stripes to mesmerized you. Love how the stripes are perfectly placed. Go get stripy now just for RM50

Love the color! Purple looks good on anybody and this sexy piece add more reason for you to wear it. So sexy and simple top, pefect for your night out at your favourite club! RM35

Cool sheer scarves with horse print. Wrap yourself with this to add more style to your outfits, be creative! RM19

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