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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Dual toned dress with colorful print..and guess what picture it is? Shoes! High heels in every colors, cool huh? Dedicated to shoe lovers out there, you don't wanna miss this piece! RM40

Gorgeous dress with bubble skirt and black bows attachment. Isn't it adorable! RM48

Vintage checkered 2 pieces dress in bold pink. Cutting as good as this only come in vintage piece. Be your own style by wearing this one of a kind piece. RM54

This black and white piece somehow reminds me of a nurse outfits. The large black button against white background creates cuteness to this piece. Yours for only RM35.

Creampuff never fails to bring us sweet vintage pieces. Just look at this blouse,so sweet i almost want to eat it *lol* RM35

A necklace so sweet and adorable, you'll wear it anywhere.Seller said it was imported from America, hence the price tag RM45.

Large polka dot vest to spice up your plain outfits.With its racer back and double pockets,this unique vest rocks! RM35

For those who love print shirt, this one is for you. I like the striking color combinations. Doesn't this reminds you of dancing? coz it looks like what a dancer on tv would wear *lol* Dance with this shirt for only RM32 !

Combination of 3 gorgeous pieces for the price of 1. Great bargain eh?The combination of checks tube, 3/4 coat and black belt for RM54 are smashingly too good to be true!

Vivace Cabin
Leopard print tights..fierce! For those who bold enough to wear this piece, quick grab one now and unleash the animal in you..RAWRR!! RM20

Black & white layered dress that is not too over the top. Simple and stylish! RM52

JomBuy Fashion
Cute & trendy tunic. From the flowers attachment to the polka dots, this tunic definitely cute stuff! RM50

Colorful summer dress, perfect for hot weather! Not sure whether the dress print is tie-dye effect or just a colorful flower print. But still, pretty enough to wear! RM40

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