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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Style Watch - Jessica Alba

Instead of featuring all glam up red carpet styles, i prefer to feature celebrity in their everyday outfits, more relevant to us that way right?? My first choice of celebrity style watch is the hot and sweet Jessica Alba! I simply adore her cause she is hot and at the same time is a-girl-next-door kind of girl.
Jessica Alba is known for her fashion sense and follows the trends of the fashion world but hardly a fashion victim. She also creates an ensemble that is very wearable too.

Look at how simple and casual this outfit is but yet it's very stylish! Jessica knows how to match her outfits and make it trendy. Simple top, leggings,flats and long beaded necklace..perfect!

Leggings with a simple shirt, scarf of course and flip flops.Not something that I would normally put together, but she pulls it off and I love it.And she pair it with leggings, again..she must love to wear leggings, who doesn't right? And can I just say I hope that leggings never go out of style again, they are the most comfy things ever!

Black cardi , bf shirts , long tee, leggings (again), black belt and flats..all are sooo nice and simple but yet stunning!

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