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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Splash of Colors

I love colors..the more the merrier, but ofcourse you always have to be careful to match it! To see people wearing colors outfit just make my day. But i realized that Malaysian people tends to avoid wearing bright colors, why don't you dear? Come on, be bold! Add a splash of colors into your outfit and make my day!

Jombuy Fashion

Retro printed top! Whenever i watch 70's movie i always admire their outfits especially their buzy and colorful prints. Even if we are in the new millennium now, you can still revive the 70's by donning this gorgeous top. Grab it at only RM25!

Tic tac toe
Colored knitted cardi for grabs! What not to love about this piece? It has cute details of flowers and cherries and a choice of sweet colors. Wear this with your plain shirt and you look lovely already!! Priced at RM48 and selling fast..quick grab one!

Smashing Pit Stop

Geomatric print colored skirts, come in Red and Green colors. Need a piece to spice up your work shirt? This skirt is perfect for you! For sale at RM30 each!

Seventh Day

This piece reminds me of rainbows! Just choose your favourite colors and you will shine like a rainbow. Can be worn as skirt as well as tube dress. Yours at only RM45!

Velvet Ribbon

Look at this cute & candy colored shorts with white trimmings. The weather so hot nowadays, extra shorts will never hurt you, especially cute shorts like this! Pair it with your colored flip-flops and shades, you are ready to play under the sun! Priced at RM45 at Velvet Ribbon.