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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Canvas Bag by Fashion Diary

Don't you love canvas bag?
It is cheap
Casual & practical
And it comes in multiple of designs & prints that suit your personality!

I always have my canvas bag folded in my bag so that i can use it for shopping or any emergency moments where i need an extra bags. 
They are really convenient to carry around due to the lightness and also can be folded and keep into your bag.

Good news is, Fashion Diary now sells canvas bag!
They comes in many designs & shape!

They send me one for me to test and i really love it!

This is the one i got. Blue paisley print that can be folded into a square pouch. Nice prints and very thick & quality materials. And also the handle is long enough for me to carry it on my shoulder.
This is only RM17!

Big enough to store your favourite magazines & files. Suitable to use  for campus.

Inside view. Spacious! 

Since i am too shy to model it. I asked my lil' girl to do it. LOL

Not interested in this designs? 

Don't worry, lots of other designs to choose from. 

Meoww! Isn't this cute?
Not a cat lover? They have dog for you!
Bold leopard print for those who love wild thing!
Square nautical stripes. Eye catching!
Sweet floral prints for the lady in you
Fan of Snoopy? Get this mini tote
Cute bear prints. In glossy pvc. More durable & bigger for storage
Black & white large tote with matching purse.

Come on, visit Fashion Diary for even more designs!

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