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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Megane Collezione Advertorial

 Introducing a new blogshop in town that sells mostly imported from Taiwan apparels. The main reason why they source Taiwanese goods is because of the higher quality and despite of the higher cost their aim is to have a reasonable target price where every one, working or studying can afford it. 
Their motto are 'Quality First' and 'Affordable Elegance'

Previously only available on  Facebook but now they have created a new hompage for online shoppers easy viewing.

Megane Collezione specializing in women clothings & also accessories. They have a vast collections & latest designs and all of them are ready stocks but in limited quantity. They bring your latest fashion & styles that suits every occasion and taste. Come take a peek at some of their pretty collections!

 For easy guide to stalk Megane Collezione, refer to the update schedule below:

1) Sneak Peak for the upcoming week's fashion - Every Saturday
2) New Launch - Every Tuesday (dresses)
3) New Jewelry for the month (eg; necklaces, bracelet and bangles) - 1st of every month
4) New accessories for the month (eg; belt and other add ons) - 15th of every month.
For more, do visit them now at:

FB page:


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  2. I love these designs! gorgeous fashion! I hope they ship to the u.s.! :) the dresses look so versatile. I love this collection!

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