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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Juju Milky Advertorial

If you're one loyal color lover,
no doubt that JUJU*MILKY will be a paradise for you! ;)

Guess you could already predict what kind of stuff they're offering
already based on their adorable blog header as above! ;)
Offering all kinds of really quirky, colorful accessories and clothing
that will surely brighten up your outfit, speaking about happy stuff here!
What's more when they're all at affordable rates!

Currently they're having an on-going promotion -
"Like and Tag yourself on the photo of item you buy on their Facebook page,
and you'll get an instant 5% discount!"

for purchases of RM100 (WM) and RM150 (WM)!

So let's take a peek on what they're having in store for us!

Real adorable stuff that you could play around with I have to admit! ;)
Price range for accessories in store is only at RM6 - RM35,
that's definitely a major steal prices for items like these!

And on with some crazy, quirky prints! :D
Fun-loving pieces available in all kinds of designs and color choices!
Spotted quite a fair range of neon-colored products in store btw!
And a whole lot more in store that you could feast in!

While here are some feminine, lovely pieces with
puff-sleeves, ruffles, eyelet, peter pan collars and all sweet shades!
Also having some office-friendly clothing too!

Loving what you see already?
do hop on over to JUJU*MILKY today for more!

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