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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hachimon Purse

Last week, Nude Not was kind enough to send me this

It is a cute Hachimon purse! Sorry for the bad quality photo taken with my iphone. The purse is a clutch size which is very convenient for me to bring around. We girls will always bring stuff with us that just won't fit in our pocket but not that convenient to bring out our handbag. Especially me during office lunch time. Some money and phone is enough for me, that is why this clutch size is really useful!

See, just nice to fit my money purse & iphone! Been using it since i got it. And with the bright color, i received compliments of how cute it looks. 

Made from thick silicone with a classic purse design, you will sure love it. Not only that, there are other sizes available as well. Hachimon, Hachi and also Pochi! 

The clutch sized Hachimon

The smartphone sized Hachi

The cute coin purse Pochi

Tempted yet? Hurry buy one for yourself. Head over to Nude Not  and buy one in your favourite color now!

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