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Monday, February 13, 2012

Caramela Dressing Advertorial

Are you the type who constantly eyeing for a pretty clothes but reluctant to buy it due to budget constrain? And you keep wishing the price will be reduced one day and it is still available? I've been through that lots of time!

Well, wait no more because right now you can have your choice of selected clothes at cheaper price at Caramela Dressing! How does it works?

You can select 1 item per day.

To vote your choice of item please click here !

Most voted item will be on sale at reduced price on next day.

The discounted price only valid for that particular day.

Some of the choices for you to vote! Already get your attention? Come on VOTE NOW!

Well, come have a look at some of their new collection below:

Peter pan collared & lace trimmed dress

Lil dot prints wool shorts
Leopard skinny belt included

Ruffled front white blouse

V ruffled blouse

Polka dot tulle skirt

Kitty bow dual-toned shirt & gold buttons

One more thing, they do provide wholesale as well!
For more info about it please e-mail them at carameladressing@hotmail.com

Hurry girls, visit Caramella Dressing for more items. And don't forget to vote ya!


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