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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Shopping

Sugar Dressing
Bead & Duckling slippers
Colors available: Pink, White

Bella Modo
Clockwise from left:
RM34 | RM34 | RM34 | RM34

Vintage Day Out
Vintage dress
From top to bottom:
RM30 | RM28 | RM30

Emmy Cubic
Clockwise from left:
RM38 | RM34 | RM38 | RM38 | RM32 | RM44
(price inclusive of delivery)

ESN Clothing
Clockwise from left:
RM71 | RM48 | RM55 | RM45

Bubble Trouble
Clockwise from left:
RM45 | RM55 | RM45 | RM45

Pretty Moment
From top to bottom:
RM45 | RM45 | RM48

Adora Babble!
Sequined bow headband
RM8 each

Adora Babble!
Shopping bags
RM15 each

Eve's Leave
Sequined flats
Colors available: Blue, Black, Pink

Sista Closette
Floral dress
Colors available: Pink, Blue, Cream, Green

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