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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Shopping

A Model Studio
Clockwise from left:
RM29 | RM39 | RM30 | RM48

Adda Boutique
RM25 | RM35 | RM38
(price inclusive of postage)

Rockstar's Closet
Union Jack watch

The Attires' Attic
Clockwise from left:
RM35 | RM53 | RM35 | RM25

Snazzy Sally
Clockwise from left:
RM40 | RM40 | RM44 | RM35

Lush Serendipity
Clockwise from left:
RM60 | RM55 | RM55 | RM55

Sugar Jude
Lace trimmed top
Colors available: Black, Nude, White

Dainty Dresser
Clockwise from left:
RM50 | RM55 | RM48 | RM55

Pretty Moment
Bow belt
Colors available: Red, Brown, Black, Blue

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