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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Shopping

8 Letters 3 Words
Pre-order bags
Clockwise from left:
RM75 | RM65 | RM70

Blissfully Beautiful
Clockwise from left:
RM65 | RM80 | RM59 | RM63

Oreiental Sparkles
Crafted jade necklace

Teddy bear fork & spoon handphone strap :RM20
Owl keychain :RM22

The Style Diary
RM52 | RM47 | RM29

OMG So Cute!
Florar dress with lece trimmed :RM49
Tiny floral longe sleeve dress :RM49

Style With Fiya
Clockwise from left:
RM48 | RM85 | RM65 | RM50

High Fashionland
Clockwise from left:
RM54 | RM74 | RM59 | RM50

Dainty Dresser
From top to bottom
Colorful polka dots velvet dress :RM55
Embellished princess shoulder top :RM58
Cut-out back dress :RM50

Skinny jeans with stud details

Cheap & Chic
Floral summer dress

The Dressy Dresser
Flower printed pumps

Rockstar's Closet
Clockwise from left:
RM55 | RM45 | RM45 | RM45

The Posh Closet
From top to bottom:
Shimmery dress with draped shoulder :RM59
Dress with bow and bead accent :RM109
Turtle neck dual-toned dress with rossete :RM99

The Posh Closet
Badges quilted bag
Colors available: Red, Blue

Shawl Attic
RM20 each

Seventh Day
Clockwise from left:
RM48 | RM46 | RM28 | RM49

Velvet Dream
Chanel inspired earrings sets

Lovely Loft
Clockwise from left:
RM55 | RM45 | RM65 | RM45

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