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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Shopping

Currently i'm at Sarawak and the internet connection is really damn slow..so i am afraid that daily updates would be very minimal..please bear with me yeah. I will be here till 26th Sept coz am celebrating Hari Raya here. Do keep visiting Fashion Clicks as usual for your daily dose of shopping!

Shopaholix Bar
Floral zipper dress :RM49
Floral tube dress :RM55

Sugar Dressing
100% cotton black leggings

Miss Shopaholics Closet
Chain Bracelet

Bella Lolita
Chunky set bangles
RM28 per set

Bella Lolita
Triple color dress :RM50
Pearl&chain tank top:RM39, Floral zipper skirt:RM40
Stud embellished long top :RM42
Polka dot denim blazer :RM58

The Kooky Thing
Studded heels

Smashing Pit Stop
Denim halter neck dress :RM46 (plus postage)
Checkered halter neck dress :RM48 (plus postage)

The Attires' Attic
2 piece stripe & button top :RM46
Vintage bag :RM46
Knitted button top :RM37
Lace trimming kimono dress :RM49

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