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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Style Watch - Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls need no introduction to all you millenium girls out there. From their gorgeous casts, over-dramatic plots, luxurious urban lifestyle and especially their gorgeous outfits that never fails to make us want to imitate their every style. So, this time in Style Watch i'll bring you the famous Gossip Girls style..enjoy!

Blair always spotted in bright colors and quirky hats or headgears and as always she looks good in it. While Serena, with body like hers, she can wear a gunny sack an still look good anyway.

Sexy bandage dress that wrapped Serena's body like a glove. Ahh..how i wish my body is as sexy as hers.

Wearing stripes, but in 2 different styles. Little J in black & grey stripes, while Blair in striking blue stripes. Which one do you like?

Fell in love with this look, especially the wide stripe,drappy & long cardi. Rock+grunge look at its best..love it!

Remember the colorful wedding of Blair's mom? Well, who can forgets the beautiful dresses Blair and Serena wore?

When i saw Blair wore this dramatic frill blouse, i was smitten. Don't you?

Not sure which i love more..the gorgeous dresses or the fabulous bags.

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