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Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Shopping

Lace dress
RM65 | RM55

Clothes Carousel
RM29 | RM30

Drama Frills
Frills top / dress
Clockwise from left:
RM36 | RM36 | RM42

ROOM 8008
Clockwise from left
Geometrical dual toned dress :RM49
Floral playsuit :RM52
Flower clip :RM15
Floral lace dress :RM49

Twinkle Collection

Varieties Shop
Floral summer dress
Colors available: Blue, Green, Brown, Black

Tinkerbell Jo

De Oldies

Vintage dress
RM45 | RM35

Poupee Collection
Colorful wallet
RM25 | RM29

Smashing Pitt Stop
Toga dress

Clothes for Fun
Leggings :RM30
Peter Pan collar top :RM42

Chic Belle
Dual toned dress :RM34
Floral dress :RM35

Style Influx
Clockwise from left
Bow scrungie :RM13
Floral bow back dress :RM55
Peter Pan collar lace top :RM49
Floral zipper dress :RM49

Clockwise from left:
Maxi dress :RM49
Glitter long tee :RM38
Dress :RM45

The October
Clockwise from left
Lace cardi :RM45
Cropped Peter Pan collar cardi :RM45
Wing clincher :RM25
String-tie cardi :RM49

Premark Galore
Primark,UK pre-order
Clockwise from left
Sequinned legging :RM65
Floral tea dress :RM110
Bib necklace :RM35
Power shoulder jacket :RM150

The It Girl
Clockwise from left
Batwing oversized shirt :RM49
Ripped skinny jeans :RM70
Bodycon dress :RM53

Floral boho top :RM40
Stipes & button dress :RM38

Phat Culture
Dual toned floral dress :RM49
Boho top :RM49

The Kooky Thing
Studded belt / clincher
RM35 | RM22

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