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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Shopping

Super fun green peep toe wedges with cute button attachments, crowned by floral fabric.The white zig zag trimmings along the sole are just great. Such a fun addition to your outfit. RM49

Whole bunch collection of chiffon baby doll top. All are beautifully constructed to suit your femnine style. Perfect wear during hot weather nowadays.RM25 each

Ever seen wedge pumps as sporty as this? Bold designed with triple line signature just like Adidas. An ultimate proof that you can go sporty but still have a cool and trendy style. RM25 (worn) | RM30 (new)

Smitten by this pretty crochet dual toned dress. Adore the beautifully done crochet art. Denim skirt with cinched drop waist and full A line skirt with lace trimming on the hems. A perfect summer dress that evoke youthful glee.RM48

Style Influx
Leopard print cropped top with elastic cuff on the sleeve and hems. Get wild and sexy with this hot looking top.Available in baby blue and grey as well. RM49

Posh Picks
This trench inspired features a generous helping of look-chic details. From the neatly tailored, double breasted construction to the confidence boosting color. Black clincher is included..yayy! RM50

Green Bananas
Fantastic brass owl necklace with sliced body parts that forms into one jiggling pendant. Such a beautifully crafted piece to be treasured. RM27

Loving these 2 clothes from Vivacious. A chic number that are truly in style. Pretty embroidery sleeveless top and stripy 1 piece dress with fun puffy skirt. Both can be worn effortlessly anywhere.RM40 | RM52

Oh My Clothes!
Tuxedo inspired wrap top with interesting choice of prints. Bold black lapel, double button closure, elastic on the waist and 2 side pockets. Perfect for layering and lighten up your style mojo.Go view for other prints available.RM44

Green Bananas
Such an adorable top with cute bow attachments. Nice hues of turquoise on a soft polyester fabric. Your casual wear just got cuter with this awesome top. RM22

Never thought combination of stripes and floral prints would look this good. Bold black & white nautical stripes, toned down by a sweet floral demure makes it a perfect combo of a lovely dress. RM56

Pretty Ever After
Long top lavished by sequins on the chest. Interesting back part with cutouts and ribbon sash, such a cute additions.Love the look of this trendy top..yummy! RM42

An Old Flame
Denim is the most versatile piece you can own. With gorgeous denim dress as this, definitely a staple piece in your closet. Featuring front button closure, 2 breast and side pockets, rolled up sleeves and self-tie sash.Combining classic cut with modern design..awesome! RM55

Dual tones dress with sleek design, combining colorful cubrick print skirt and wide neckline black top. Perfect for work wear or semi-casual wear. RM68

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