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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stye Watch - Mischa Barton

Since she first popped onto the scene, Mischa has made her mark not only on the small screen, but in the fashion department too. Her style are mostly boho and sometime casual rock chic. Some find her sense of style is strange due to her out of placed mix and matched outfits. But for me, it's all about taking risk and ensemble something new to create fresh look. One thing that very significant of her is that she always seen wearing head band or some quirky hair accessories which has become more popular accessories nowadays. No matter what, i still think Mischa is a true fashionista in her own unique way.

Seen here wearing pretty lacy dress with chanel bag and studded headband. She look very sweet in this flowery dress.

Look at her head gear..aren't they uniquely gorgeous? It completes the boho style that she's going for.

Another creative way to wrap a scrave to your head. Her boho outfit looks a lil bit missmatched, but what the heck..with that face and body, she still look stunning.

Mischa in 2 different dresses and style. She carries both dresses well and managed to look smashing.

Spotted after party wearing black & white plaid skirt and matched it with her boho style fringed black jacket, plus the studded Chanel bag and leopard shoes. Plaid, fringe,studs and animal print in one look..what a combination! If anyone can pull off a wacky look and still look beautiful, it's usually her.

Sweet girl next door style with this tri-colored dress and flats. This time no quirky style, just plain and casual look.

Mischa went for an electic ensemble. Combining heavy chained boots, jeans, vintage tee, long faded colored jacket and headband. Gypsey + 80's rock style. Too much for walking your dog huh? Well, this lady never gives up any chances to show her eccentric style.

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  1. Hi could you explain to me how you've been able to put the picture on big size because i cant i'm only able to put them the way they are on my blog
    thank you for answering