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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Shopping

Casual tee..big and comfy, a good cover up when you feel like you're not at you best figure. Very trendy with a hint of striking color pocket and sash. Love it. RM34

A collections of unique necklace. Look at all the whimsical design, awesome huh? Only RM29 each..cheap!

Beautiful crafted ring with chrysanthemum flower. I adore the love cutout pattern on the ring. I would be happy if i ever got this as a gift..so nice! RM20

Elegant vintage dress with classic houndstooth design. Mustard colored and very sleek design. RM40

Handkerchief maxi dress so sexy, you'll wear it anywhere,anytime. Vibrant color floral print and material so soft, i bet it's very cooling to wear.RM45 plus postage

Black satin skirt with pretty big bow in the middle. Interesting looking skirt huh? Certainly will makes your plain outfit 'pop'.RM44

Checkered print wedges in Red, Black and Brown. Cotton material and definitely very comfy coz it's only 2inch high. RM25

Firstly, i love the design of this dress..very minimal but interestingly beautiful. Next, i loove the color..it's looks like a midnight sky.Definitely a special dress.RM79

Ultimate Dazzle
World map printed on a bag..how cool is that? One of a kind bag, and very educational as well! RM45

Align Center

Autumn Closet
Sleeveless dress with striking color stripes. The vibrant colors makes the dress look interesting and pretty. Very sporty dress i supposed. RM39

Fluffy Rainbows
Halter neck maxi dress with rainbow colors crochet bust. A striking number for those who love the attentions. RM60

Junkie Motto
Stunning high waisted pencil skirt with black square buttons. Nice cutting to accentuates your figure.This piece is from Australia. RM40

Vintage Pod
Quirky shaped vintage sling bag. Dual toned and made from leather. Very unique and trendy. RM40

Black dress with print so catchy and mesmerizing. Don't you love it? So interesting and pretty too! RM68

Like Seriously
This time they updated with lots of pretty vintage dresses, i can hardly choose my favourite. These are some of dreses i like best due to their sleek cutting. Go check more stuff at their blogshop,you don't wanna miss any.

Trendy Confession
Yummy headbands to spoil you. From bows to studded ones, all are very pretty and definitely look good on your tresses.

47 YKJ
Sleek black long sleeve blouse with smock at waist and wrist. Nice cutting and well fitting as well. I like! RM37

I adore the top with peter pan collar and pussy bow, so stylish & trendy. Also the mini skirt with black piping and side buttons. Both pieces really look good on the model, don't you wish you can look that good as well?

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