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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Shopping

Little Mizz Petite
Sexy dress only for those who are sensual enough wear it. RM49

Label 8 Clothing
Kitschy print shirt with batwing sleeves and sash. This unique casual shirt definitely an eye catcher! RM50

Apple Cabin
Cute tier skirt with a suspender, how adorable! Definitely for the young petite ones. RM32

Another suspender piece but this time it's short pants. I wish i can wear this piece and still look good as the model. But i know lots of you beautiful ladies out there would look great wearing this piece! RM27

Pinafore dress with colored stripes and cute button to complements it. Love the color combination, not too over the top. RM30

Cat In A Bowl
Long tee with 3D flowers spread all over your chest, how awesome is that! Did i hear you still searching for a top to be worn with your lame legging?? RM36

Uber Love
Cute denim drawstring mini skirt with stars splattered all over it. Thank god it's cheap too, RM25 only!

Fell in love with the lacy layering..makes the top even more sweet. A perfect top to wear on your date with love ones.RM38

Tipisie Topsie
Floral chiffon dress with plunging neckline. Very sweet and pretty, and sexy too? RM50

Pinky Ponky Ponk
Elegant cutting tube top. Love how the bow crafted to accentuates woman body. The color is dark purple girls, not black! RM39

An Old Flame
Bored of ordinary plaid BF shirt? Here is the stripey one,yayy! Gives you slim effects and covers your bottom..and comes and gorgeous color too, go check it out already! RM48

My heart fluttered whenever i saw floral fress in bright colors cause it cheers me up to see the beautiful colors and flower prints. This dress gives me the same effect as well..jut look at the gorgeous dress, doesn't it makes your day to see such art? RM40


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