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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Shopping

Plain shirt with ruffle details. So chic and trendy, certainly makes a simple shirt looks pretty.RM39

This is only a sneak peak, not available for sale yet. I couldn't resist it when i saw this beautiful dress. So you've been alert..grab it once it's out for sale.

2 fierce heels for sale. If you are going for the edgy looks, then heels are definitely for you.
RM79 each

This pen is sooo cute, you don't even realize it is a pen until you unscrewed the cap. Definitely a collector stuff for those who loves cute stuff or for the Hello Kitty fans outthere..this tube pen definitely a treasure. RM10 each (stated all reserved, but who knows, maybe can be restock)

Funky plastic chain necklace, comes in neon colors. Will add funk to your look. RM18 each.

Do you believe if i tell you this pretty dresses for sale at only RM15?? Well, do believe it coz it is! Definitely a bargain coz these dresses are pretty amazing. Go buy now before you miss this opportunity..how i wish it's in my size..sigh! RM15

Cute coin purse with metal clasp. I like the metalic color, as well as the design, very classic. This purse will be handy whenever you have too much coins to keep. RM28 each.

This is an interesting piece,really. I am out of word to discribes it but it does reminds me of those romantic Korean drama. A long blouse with a dramatic details. RM42

This gorgeous top defintely and eye catcher! Admire the bright mod color and especialy the black piping against red color. A fun top to wear. RM38

Halter neck top with daring bare back. Wild black and white print to swoon you over. A sexy number for those who dare. RM35

Elegant kimono dress with butterfly ruffle sleeves. I like the flower print, somehow makes the dress stands out. Great for your girl outing. RM40

Trendy top with chiffon ruffle collar and cute bow. I like this kind of top coz it makes our outfit look fun and trendy. RM36

Look at the peacock feathers print on this tank top..ain't it pretty? I like it so much. This piece is from H&M and imported from USA, hence the price. As seller said, this hot stuff are sold out everywhere..so quick reserve your piece now. RM160

Sweet looking dresses, perfect for office or anytime. Easy to wear styles, just add a belt and you are ready. Oh, the belt shown is included..yayy! RM45

Heaven for Angels
Just look at this interesting print scarves. Funky skulls prints and Paul Frank monkey print to spice up your plain outfits. RM15 each.

Legging with sexy straps at the bottom.The criss cross straps that you can tie along your claves are soo sexy looking. Pair it with your black heels, you'll definitely rock it! RM26

Lovely headband collections. One is tutu and the other is glittery bows, both very pretty. RM25|RM16

This one piece suit is so cute! With its baby blue color,polka dots print and ruffles at the right place. Definitely for the cutey girl out there. RM48

These necklaces are all handmade girls! If you love these rocker chain, there are more designs available at their blogshops. RM35 each

Rocker print shirt so cool and tutu skirt for that punk look. All for sale at Chocolate Toast at RM49 each

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