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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Couldn't choose which i like best, so i feature all of them. Aren't they all pretty thing? Love it! Go check out the price at Quevy Shoppe.

Lace up gladiator wedges. Nice and trendy..i like! RM60

Boho skirt with patchwork design. Lovely! RM60 (imported from Korea)

If you love denim, then this tube dress is for you. One thing about denim that i like is that it's versatile, easy to match and rugged. RM65

Shift dress with interesting black and white print. Very eye catching indeed! Perfect for office wear. RM40

Another collection of t-shirt.Don't you love the creative print? There are always some room for more t-shirt right? RM25 each

Tiered ruffle dress with crochet on the bust area. Suitable for beach wear, to be weared on top of your bikini. RM28

Baggy shirt with butterfly sleeves, wide collar and colorful sunflower print. This shirt must be very comfy to wear and very versatile. Not forgetting that this shirt also can hide your bulging tummy after eaten your big meals, awesome! RM36

Fancy some colourful skinnies? Grab one of your favourite color now, coz this kind of stuff are hard to find. Only RM43 each.

Caged heels that are soo sexy and stylish.Heels so sexy, better wear your skirt or pants as short as possible. RM75

Kawaii!! Very cute outfits, this is what you would see an anime character wear. Just look at the top with plaid ruffles, and the tie back plaid vest are soo brilliant!RM50

Beautiful made earrings and pearl bracelets. Love all of it! Go check out more lovely accessories at Twinkle Collection.

You got to love these one of a kind accessories collection. Very trendy and rare i must say. These are the stuff still available, the prettier ones are all sold out, go check it out already girls!

Love the bohemian look? This boho like maxi dress will complete your style. Very hippy and colorful! RM64

Cute candy colors bow headband, i like! RM17 each

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